Triangle Fun


Travis is great now at recognizing basic shapes, so I wanted to take things up a notch; what is it that makes a triangle a triangle, aside from simple visual recognition?

We started our play with a very cute rhyme, care of 365 Toddler Activities That Inspire Creativity, and introduced “Tommy Triangle.”


Tommy Triangle is the name for me

Count my sides: one, two, three

It seemed a little silly to me, but Travis loved Tommy, carrying him around for the next couple days, and wanting him to hang on our fridge when not in use. The “one-two-three” rhyme was really helpful for learning. I’d ask Travis to count Tommy’s sides, and he kept wanting to go by rote up to 5. Soon it dawned on him that he needed to stop at 3, and that each number corresponded to a side of “Tommy.”

To continue the fun, I hid triangles in various materials (paper, felt, pipe cleaners) around the house, and Travis “captured” them in a net.


Don’t stop there – photos and paintings around the house are great places to look for “hidden” triangles, so lift your toddler up and go exploring!

Finally, we put all of our triangle finds into a collage, which he loved gluing down.


You could focus on just about any shape with these games, making up different rhymes and characters for circles, squares, or other familiar shapes.