Autumn Painting


Prints are a great way to keep painting projects fresh and different for toddlers. At any time of year, items around the house (like toilet paper tubes and Duplo blocks!) make for fun print painting. Two very autumnal items lend themselves perfectly to this idea.

First, Travis and I tried apple prints. Cut an apple in half and remove the seeds, lightly drying the inside of the apple with a paper towel. This is also a great way to take about the fruit with your toddler, since the inside looks so different from the outside!


Dip the cut apple halves in paint and press onto paper for a neat, almost heart-shaped effect.


Next we tried corn rolling, using ears of beautiful dried corn from the farmers’ market. Travis loved the corn, carrying it all around the house, so I was surprised that when the time came to paint, he wasn’t interested.


Aside from one brief roll, he had a very toddler moment wanting to dip his whole hand into the blue paint. So… you win some you lose some! On the other hand, he loved looking at the example I finished, proudly telling anyone who saw it that we made it with corn.


What other fall items have you made prints with? Please share in the comments!