Leaf Rubbing


It’s Columbus Day weekend, and the perfect time of year for fall-inspired art. We took Travis on his first hike over the weekend, and returned with a few treasures for a craft at home.

Choose a variety of leaves, preferably in different shapes and sizes, and tape down to a sheet of construction paper (the bumpy veins should be facing up).

Cover with a second sheet of paper, then show your toddler how to rub crayons over the leaves to reveal the bumpy veins and stems underneath.


Travis needed a bit of help, since his crayon squiggles weren’t always precise enough to reveal the leaves, but he loved the magic of it, lifting up the top piece of paper to check on the leaves underneath a few times. He was very excited every time our crayons “discovered” a new leaf.


Make sure to hang in a prominent place on the fridge for the rest of the fall!

Update: The first time we played this game, Travis had a hard time getting the knack of holding a crayon sideways. Try it again in a few month’s time, and your little one might be better able to reveal the shape of the leaves!