Pumpkin Peepers


It wouldn’t be Halloween without pumpkins of course, but toddlers are too young for carving… So what to do?

This cute idea, adapted from Parents magazine, couldn’t be easier, and allows toddlers to make a silly face, no knife required.


Simply cut various-sized circles from craft foam, and use glue dots or sticky Velcro dots to attach the eyes and a pupil to each pumpkin. We used goofy colors, but you could also stick with a more traditional black and white palate.

To finish the faces, simply use a sharpie for noses and mouths.

Leaf Glitter


Turn autumn leaves into a masterpiece with this simple but delightful project!

Half the fun, of course, was just heading outside to select our leaves. With a warm and dry fall so far, the color wasn’t as vibrant as I hoped, but I set Travis the task of finding leaves in all the possible colors – greens, reds, oranges, yellows, and browns – and we came away with a better collection than I expected. Travis loved the adventure in the park!


We let the leaves dry at home for a couple of days, and then it was time to turn them into “glitter”! What toddler can resist ripping leaves into tiny pieces?


Exercise those little hand muscles and let your child squeeze glue all over a piece of construction paper. You can sprinkle on the leaf glitter almost like confetti, pressing down to adhere.


We shook our creation off a few times to figure out which leaves weren’t stuck yet, and then added more glue as needed.