Tissue Paper Ghosts

Tissue Ghosts (6).JPG

Probably the simplest and oldest Halloween craft in the books, this one still delights adults and children alike. You can make just a few ghosts, but I think it’s better to make a whole bunch of them and hang all around the house (or yard if you have one).

Show your toddler how to fold a tissue paper over a cotton ball, and then secure the tissue just under the cotton ball with a piece of masking tape. If you’re going to hang the ghosts, make sure to stick a length of string or yarn under the tape as well. Travis helped with a couple, but then just loved playing with the materials involved while I prepared more.


We had a big pile pretty soon!


Decorate the faces with marker. For the best ghost-y mouth, show your toddler how to press a marker firmly into the tissue paper for a big spooky O.


Travis liked fluttering the ghosts about by hand, and helping me hang them.


I confess the resulting ghosts look a bit morbid, dangling from their necks, but heck, it IS Halloween…


Spider Rocks

Spider Rocks (5).JPG

Following up on our spider lantern decorations, Travis helped me create a few more spider friends to populate our house for the Halloween season!

Find a few small, round rocks and paint in any color – we used blue and black for a dark Halloween feel, but neon bright colors might be fun too! Let dry overnight.


Cut pipe cleaners in half. For the legs of each spider, wrap one pipe cleaner piece around the middle of three others, then bend the ends out to make the legs. This part was a bit complicated for Travis, but he loved watching me do it, and thought the legs made great “crickets” to jump around for a while.


Glue one rock onto each set of pipe cleaner “legs” and let dry completely – I recommend lying them upside down.


All you need to add are stickers or googly eyes for the cutest little spiders I’ve ever had in my house!



Spider Lantern


It’s beginning to look a lot like Halloween around here! Since Travis loves spiders, I knew this easy decoration would be a big hit. It was our first Halloween craft of the season, so as we made the lantern I talked about the creepy crawly things that come out on All Hallow’s Eve!

Cut the top off an empty 1-liter bottle of soda; tape around the rim to cover any sharp edges.


Wrap the bottle in cheesecloth, draping the excess inside, then wrap colored yarn around the bottle. Kids can help with this step!

Once finished, tuck a plastic or rubber spider into your web. Add a battery-operated candle for spooky glowing decor come nighttime.