Tissue Paper Ghosts

Tissue Ghosts (6).JPG

Probably the simplest and oldest Halloween craft in the books, this one still delights adults and children alike. You can make just a few ghosts, but I think it’s better to make a whole bunch of them and hang all around the house (or yard if you have one).

Show your toddler how to fold a tissue paper over a cotton ball, and then secure the tissue just under the cotton ball with a piece of masking tape. If you’re going to hang the ghosts, make sure to stick a length of string or yarn under the tape as well. Travis helped with a couple, but then just loved playing with the materials involved while I prepared more.


We had a big pile pretty soon!


Decorate the faces with marker. For the best ghost-y mouth, show your toddler how to press a marker firmly into the tissue paper for a big spooky O.


Travis liked fluttering the ghosts about by hand, and helping me hang them.


I confess the resulting ghosts look a bit morbid, dangling from their necks, but heck, it IS Halloween…


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