Water Art


Need to add a dose of novelty to your child’s art projects? Simply add water and stir to see new results!

First, Travis and I tested out water on chalk. Have your toddler dip chalk into water before scribbling on dark-colored construction paper. Travis was very interested in the way the chalk darkened when wet…


…although not as interested in the result on paper, which, admittedly, dried quickly.


Next we added salt to our water, resulting in a cloudy mixture that Travis loved. Scribble with crayons on dark construction paper, and then use a paintbrush to apply the salt water solution over the paper – don’t let it get too soggy!


The crayon will show through because the wax resists the water, and the paper will become somewhat sparkly where the salt is left behind after it dries… although the result was not as sparkly as I hoped it would be.

Finally, we made a paper bag “batik”. Travis loved dunking a brown paper bag in his bowl of water (cut the bag open so it can dry flat), and then crumpling it and squeezing out the excess water. This step was easily his favorite part of our entire water-arts endeavor.


Once the bag dries, color with crayons any way you like.


What other art projects have you and your toddler added water to? Please share in the comments!


Q Week!

Q week (12).JPG

Admittedly, there aren’t as many words that begin with Q, but we still had quite a week! Consider holding Q week when you know you have an otherwise busy schedule, or – in my case – a broken computer that leaves you scrambling most of the week!


Quilt: If you have special family quilts at home, you might take a nice moment to discuss them with your child. Then, for some good old-fashioned fun, turn those quilts into a fort! Travis had great solo play crawling through the structure we made, and hiding toys among the folds of the quilts.


Queen: Have a royally good time building castles of course! We pulled out our castle blocks and a little toy set of king, queen, and knights for building and making believe.


Next up was the dress up box to be kings and queens in crowns and capes!


Quick: We tested out which toys were the quickest in the house, having car races on our town mat. Travis also experimented with other items that moved quickly, like marbles through a tube. As you drive or walk around this week, look for what is moving quick and what is moving slow.


You can also try this neat painting game: Select music that varies between quick and slow, and have your child paint along to the tempo!

After those Q key words, we did the following:

Fine art: It was time to make our own quilt! This cute introduction to patchwork is simple; cut squares from fabric (or wrapping paper and tissue paper will work, in a pinch), and make a grid on poster board. Have your child squeeze glue onto the poster board and then arrange the scraps in the grid in any pattern he or she likes.


Food: If you can find quince at the market, make quince jam! Alas, my store did not have them in stock, so we divided lots of foods into quarters this week – sandwiches and quesadillas to name a few.


Books: Quiet is a great word to focus on for books this week, as in Quiet, Loud by Leslie Patricelli and The Very Quiet Cricket, by Eric Carle. Travis loved the latter so much it became a nightly read all week.

Song: Rather than a song title, I showed Travis YouTube clips of string quartets, but he wasn’t much interested. For something more toddler-friendly, the chorus of Five Little Ducks (quack quack quack!) lends itself nicely to Q week.

Math: Give a gentle introduction to different denominations of coins, including of course, the quarter! Travis loves putting coins into and out of his piggy bank, so this week I challenged him to sort out the quarters first. For older preschoolers, you can also discuss how quarters are one-fourth of a dollar.


We’ll be much busier next week for P – stay tuned!