Gratitude Tree


I found this idea on Kids Activities Blog, which is full of neat craft ideas for the holidays… or any time of year. It seemed like a beautiful way to introduce a toddler to the idea of giving thanks. Two and a half is of course young to entirely understand the concept of “grateful,” but Travis does know what he loves and enjoys best, so those were the words I used as I guided him to fill out the leaves of our “tree”.

First, find a branch or stick with several twigs on it that you can talk home – a perfect excuse for a fall nature walk!

Gratitude Tree.jpg

We took our branch home and planted it in a glass with dried beans for stability. Small pebbles would work as well, but I liked that the beans represented the Thanksgiving harvest and bounty.


The next day, I cut “leaves” from fall-colored construction paper – reds and yellows and oranges – and sat down with Travis to fill them out. While he colored some of the leaves, I prompted him to share what he was thankful for and wrote down his answers on other leaves. I also shared my answers with him, to help him understand the idea.


Punch a hole in each “leaf” and hang from your tree branches with string.


Your gratitude tree is now ready to adorn the Thanksgiving table – perhaps with some turkey friends for company?