Trail Walking Stick


Travis could happily spend all day simply walking outside, digging in the dirt, looking for bugs. It has inspired me to slow down, to appreciate nature in ways I never imagined before being his mom. He also motivates me to get out even in chilly weather – something that never happened before his birth! – so we didn’t let a cold snap deter us from making a walking stick this week.

The first step is to find a good sturdy stick on one of your excursions. We brought it home and the next day I pulled out multi-colored yarn.


Although the actual mechanics of wrapping the yarn around the stick are a bit advanced for Travis’ age, he insisted on helping every step of the way. I would tightly wrap one section, then he would “wrap” the next section before we took turns again.


His eyes lit up when he saw the plain brown stick transform into a pattern of purple and white, and he took the whole business very seriously until our stick was complete!


I added a smaller stick towards the top for a handle, but a simple straight stick would work just fine. And as I mentioned, a little cold weather didn’t deter Travis from testing it out!