Story in a Bag


You can engage your child’s imagination and storytelling ability long before he or she can read – you just need a few props to help along the way! This delightful game engages multiple senses, and helps foster storytelling.

Fill a brown paper bag with 5 or 6 simple objects from around the house. I used a bell, toy flower, candle, car key, and rock, filling the bag when Travis wasn’t looking so that the items would be a surprise.


Prompting him to close his eyes, he reached in and selected one object at a time. We used the item to begin a story. After introducing the first item, he would select a second item, and so forth, each leading to the next action or character in the story.


Admittedly I had to do a lot of the making up on this first go, but Travis was very into the idea and played with the items while we fabricated our tale. No sooner done than he started stuffing the bag and said, “Let’s do it again!”