Walnut Boats


To truly make these adorable boats (which really float!) you’ll need hot glue. I decided to go ahead and improvise with the glue we have, so while the boats still made for fun play, they took quite a bit longer to assemble. Read on!

First, fill empty walnuts shell halves with glue all the way to the top. Travis loved squeezing the glue into a big goopy pile to help with this part.


Insert a toothpick into the center of each glue pile to be the mast. If you have hot glue, you’ll only need to hold your pick a minute or two for it to set. I propped up the shells and masts and had to leave them overnight at this point!

Once your glue is dry, you can adorn the mast with the sail of your choosing. Paper flags would work just fine, or add pirate flag decorations if your toddler is into pirates! Instead of paper, we used little marine-themed stickers that I had lying around.


We tested the walnut boats in a basin first, before bringing them to bath time for soapy sailing. Travis loved throwing in the additional marine stickers.


If you successfully make these boats with hot glue, please share in the comments!