Turkeys at the Table


I try to make Thanksgiving a holiday full of gratitude – for our loved ones and our blessings, and also for all animals. Raising Travis vegan, this means teaching him to celebrate turkeys, while still making sure he doesn’t feel left out of traditions! So we make these beautiful birds the stars of the table, but not the plate.

Every year since his birth I’ve adopted a turkey in his name, bringing us up to our third turkey now. Meet Kristoff!


To further highlight turkeys, we made cute napkin-ring centerpieces for the table this year!


Cut a paper towel tube into thirds, and trim each so that a triangle sticks up at the top. Let your child cut a slit on two sides of the tube, then insert two pieces of craft foam – one yellow, one orange – that you’ve cut into “feathers.” (To simplify, you could buy craft foam flowers and cut in half).


Fold down the triangle on each tube to be the beak, and then add eyes (either with marker or googly eyes) and a triangle beak cut from orange construction paper.


Your turkey friend is now ready to hold a napkin at your table!

Turkey on Table (7).JPG

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