Shaving Cream Bakery


With leftover shaving cream in the can from our shaving cream paint earlier this week, today we turned our kitchen into a shaving cream bakery!

All you need to set up a bake shop for your tot are large kitchen sponges, a few kitchen utensils, and a dose of imagination.


Travis really enjoyed smearing the shaving cream onto the sponges with a plastic utensil:


Then I showed him how to layer two sponges together to create a layer cake.


For an extra realistic effect, I added a drop of red food coloring to sea salt and put it in an old spice shaker, which meant Travis could add sprinkles!


After he made a couple of “cakes,” he simply enjoyed shaking the sprinkles directly into the tray of shaving cream I had set out, and stirring all that together into a big mess.


Other than layer cakes, what would you make in your bakery? I’d love to hear about any cupcakes or frosted cookies that your kids create! Please share in the comments.


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