DIY Frog Pond


With a few rubber frog bath toys and lily pads cut from craft foam, you can turn your child’s bathtub into a magical frog pond!

I set the game up shortly before bath time, with Travis in a bathing suit just in case things got splashy!


Fill your tub with water and add the “lily pads”, frogs, and a few other fun toys that fit the theme – we also added a rubber turtle, a cup for pouring, and a net. Consider adding other pond elements you have at home, like rocks or rubber snakes!


Travis immediately grabbed the net and began fishing the frogs and lily pads from the water, which he thought was pretty much the best game ever.


He also used a beach rake to skim among the lily pads. I thought he would be more into hopping the frogs from lily pad to lily pad, but he preferred simply to catch them or swish them around in the water.


He also liked filling a plastic cup with water to rain down over the frogs.


And perhaps the biggest delight of all: after we drained the water, he lined them all up on the side of the bath and then had them jump into the empty tub – a feat we had to repeat several times!


I definitely want to try this activity again with an outdoor water table in the summer. Having access to all four sides, rather than just one side of the bathtub, would no doubt make it even more enjoyable.

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