Rock Box


If your child likes collecting rocks, this craft not only lets you decorate with your latest finds from outside, but also gives your tot a place to store future treasures!

In the morning, I showed Travis the plain wooden box I had purchased (from Creative Hobbies) and asked him if he wanted to fill it with treasures. Of course the answer was yes!

It was a cold, gray morning, but that didn’t deter my little rock hunter. We headed out to our building’s courtyard to select some special rocks to take home.


If it’s not too snowy in your area, head along a local nature path and see what treasures you find, not necessarily just rocks.


Once home, we sorted our collection, and selected the smaller rocks to glue to the top of the box.


As always, Travis loved squeezing glue, but pressing on the rocks was the novel part here, so much bigger than the objects we normally glue down.


I left the box to dry overnight, and then pulled out the paints the next morning.


We used a combination of silver and purple, giving our rock box a glittery, space age-y feel. Travis was very intrigued with how it felt to paint over the bumpy rocks, and loved covering every surface of the treasure chest.


Once dry, it was time to store our remaining rocks inside! What treasures does your child like to collect? Please share in the comments.


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