Newspaper Flowers

Newspaper Flowers (9)

Here’s another pretty addition to our spring flower play! This time we used a rather interesting concoction of homemade paint to make flowers from newspaper.

Travis loved the painting process. In cups, combine equal parts white glue and water, then add a few drops of liquid watercolor to each. The mixture is best applied with a foam brush.

Newspaper Flowers (1)

Travis was very deliberate deciding which color should go where!

Newspaper Flowers (2)

Our goopy newspaper then needed to dry overnight in the bathroom.

Newspaper Flowers (4)

The next morning the paper is very stiff – a bit like papier-mache. I cut it into flower petals, while Travis got in great cutting practice alongside me, using his safety scissors.

Newspaper Flowers (5)

Glue 5 or 6 petals together in a spiral. Travis had sort of lost interest, so I did this step solo.

Newspaper Flowers (6)

Once the glue dried, we attached a green pipe cleaner stem to the back of each flower with tape.

Newspaper Flowers (7)

Play with the flowers any way your like…

Newspaper Flowers (8)

Or they even make a fantastic addition to a real flower display!

Newspaper Flowers alt

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