Sink or Float? Nature Experiment

Sink Float (4)

Spring is finally here, and we are getting outdoors as much as we can! Yesterday we turned it into a treasure hunt, and I posed a question to Travis… what did he think would sink or float, once we returned home?

Sink Float (1)

We returned with our bag of treasures and he couldn’t wait to find out, so I drew a tub of very full water in the middle of the afternoon. This in and of itself was super exciting!

Sink Float (2)

Now it was time to start tossing in our items one by one. Floating pinecones and bark were a big hit…

Sink Float (7)

…as were flowers, pine needles, and bits of grass.

SInk Float (3)

While we collected things, Travis was very into teeny tiny pebbles, and he was quite surprised that these sank! This was a great way to talk about how floating didn’t depend on the size of something, but on its density compared to that of water.

Sink Float (5)

Once all the items were in the tub, it was time to swish them about with a rake for a while. The play only ended once his shirt was soaked! All in all, great fun.

Sink Float (6)

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