Frozen Ice and Sand Comets

Frozen Comet (7)

If your child loves outer space, this game is sure to be a smashing success.

Travis and I talked about how comets are made of ice and dust, and decided to make our own. I froze ice cubes and then crushed the ice in the blender for a more easily workable texture – the crushed ice was a big hit!

Frozen Comet (1)

Then we sprinkled on sand, making a sandy dusty comet-y mix. Travis loved watching the two combine.

Frozen Comet (3)

Once we had a good mix, I packed some into a plastic cup, and we added a little bit of extra water.

Frozen Comet (5)

Place your comets in the freezer until solid.

Now comes the real fun part – take the comet outside and toss it on the ground so you can demonstrate what happens when one collides with a planet!

Frozen Comet (10)


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