Tornado in a Jar

Tornado Jar (5)

Show your child the whirling power of wind with this tornado-in-a-jar. They are sure to love adding the ingredients and watching the results!

First we needed to put our tornado together. Travis helped pour water into a mason jar until it was about two-thirds of the way full…

Tornado Jar (1)

Then we squeezed in a little dish soap…

Torndao Jar (2)

A few drops of food color…

Tornado Jar (3)

And glitter. (Because of course a tornado needs glitter – but actually this will help make it easier to see the water swirling around).

Tornado Jar (6)

Travis had seen some clips of big tornadoes online, so he had a reference point when we turned our mason jar upside down and spun it a few times to create a tornado effect. Glue on the cap if you’re worried your child will try and open it up to explore the contents of the tornado, of course!

Tornado Jar (4)

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