Coaster Gift Set

Coasted Gift (6)

This two-material project is so simple, with such beautiful usable results – real coasters! Perfect for Memorial Day drinks perhaps? They are great just to have around your own home, or even to send off as a gift.

I pulled out all of our washi tape and 4 foam squares (circles would work well too), and let Travis have free creative reign.

Coaster Gift (2)

At first he just wanted to play with the washi tape a little.

Coaster Gift (1)

Then he saw the picture of this craft from where I had found it online. “Look, there are three lines!” he observed. He then wanted to replicate a coaster with three lines.

Coaster Gift (4)

We also replicated one with an X, and then he made up a few design creations of his own.

Coasted Gift (5)

A delightful little project; we made sure to send some on to his great-grandparents as a surprise gift.

Coaster Gift.JPG

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