Tin Can Wind Chimes

Tin Wind Chime (7)

Before you toss those cans of beans or soup, save a few for this adorable project.

Over a few days, we rinsed out three cans and set aside until dry. Then it was time to cover them with paint!

Tin Wind Chime (1)

Travis particularly loved how the paint went over the ridged parts of the metal.

Tin Wind Chime (2)

Once the paint dried, it was time to attach our chimes together – a decidedly mommy job. To make a hole in each can, I held a screw to each and hammered until perforated.

Tin Wind Chime (5)

Travis was a big help hammering along next to me with his toy tools!

Tin Wind Chime (3)

Threading the cans together proved to be tricky even for adult fingers – I had to use very fun sewing thread.

Tin Wind Chime (4)

Eventually we had our three cans in a row and they were ready to chime!

Tin Wind Chime (6)

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