Ocean Sensory Tray

Ocean Tray (4)

What do you do on a summer day when you plan to go to the ocean, but the weather doesn’t cooperate? Bring the ocean to you of course!

Arguably the best part of this game for Travis was dyeing the water blue, so food coloring is a must. I set up a bin of water in the bathroom, and he loved dumping in the blue color, swirling it around until we had ocean water.

Ocean Tray (1)

Now it was time to add all our ocean toys!

If you have shells from a recent excursion to the shore, be sure to add those as well. Since we didn’t have any, large pasta shells worked in a pinch!

Ocean Tray (2)

Travis loved putting all our sea treasures in and out of the bin several times.

Ocean Tray (5)

He also loved filling a baster up with the ocean water and creating ocean storms and waves.

Ocean Tray (3)

Overall, this was a nice diversion indoors – and you could certainly play it outside on a hot day, too!

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