Clay Flower Pots

Clay Pots (6)

This project couldn’t be simpler, but kids will love playing with the clay and watching their decorations take shape! A great summer craft, especially if you’re teaching your little ones about gardening.

Use any small terracotta pot as the base. I ended up wishing that I had several on hand, because Travis covered his first with clay designs so quickly; consider picking up a few at a craft store ahead of time!

Clay Pots (1)

For the clay, we used Model Magic – it’s easy to work with, mess free, and will air-dry in a few days.

Clay Pots (3)

Travis loved just smooshing on big designs, but older kids can be more deliberate in their art, creating flowers or mini clay gardens. I added a few details as examples.

One cool result of Travis smooshing all the clay onto the pots was a swirled, marbled effect.

Clay Pots (4)

These pots would make a great summer gift for anyone who loves to garden!

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