Popsicle Stick Pirate Ship

Popsicle Ship (5)

Travis has been learning about pirates lately (he now does a mean “ahoy matey!”), so to bring the fun alive, we made this little ship to join us at bathtime.

To make the raft, glue 8 craft sticks lengthwise across 8 additional sticks crosswise. Once the glue dries, it will hold everything in place. In retrospect, I recommend painting them first, or purchasing ones that are already colored.

Putting the craft stick raft together like this is largely a grown-up step, because it’s tricky to line up both layers. Travis helpfully added a few squirts of glue before I finished.

Popsicle Ship (1)

To make the mast, you really need a hot glue gun, with which you can glue one craft stick upright on the raft. Failing that, I quickly decided to use a toothpick instead, which I could wedge in the tiny space between two of the craft sticks.

Popsicle Ship (2)

Use glue to add any fabric scrap to your mast as the sail.

Popsicle Ship (3)

As the finishing touch, add a pirate or two!

Popsicle Ship (4)

Ahoy mateys, time to sail.

Popsicle Ship (6)

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