Paper Plate Frog

Paper Plate Frog (9)

Travis has just started camp, and every day the teacher gathers everyone together for craft time. It has renewed his interest in simple hands-on activities – painting, gluing – which lately he seemed to have tired of when it was just mom in charge! Now he comes home and wants to play camp, so we threw together this easy frog with items we had on hand.

For the mouth, fold a paper plate in half; paint the outside green, and the inside black. Travis didn’t even want my help making sure the paint got all the way to the edges.

Paper Plate Frog (1)

For the legs and arms, I drew simple outlines on green craft foam and cut them out.

Paper Plate Frog (3)

Travis was a big helper putting on globs of glue so we could set the legs and arms in the right place once the paint was dry. A pink construction paper tongue was added as well.

Paper Plate Frog (4)

I glued on googly eyes as the final touch. When the frog was ready, Travis decided all on his own that we needed to make flies to feed it. “Let’s paint them white!” White flies? Why not!

Paper Plate Frog (7)

A hoppin’ good time.

Paper Plate Frog (8)

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