Summer Fun Watermelon Shakers


Watermelon Maraca alt

Watermelon is arguably the perfect summer food. Take the enjoyment beyond the edible and continue the watermelon theme with these easy shakers. They’re perfect to shake around the house or to bring along on your next picnic!

First we needed to fill a paper coffee cup with rice – Travis was very excited for this step!

Watermelon Maraca (1)

Place a second coffee cup over the first, and add pink duct tape around the middle – you’ll probably want to use careful adult supervision until the seam where rice can escape is completely covered.

Watermelon Maraca (3)

Now cover the tops and bottoms of the cups with green duct tape – voila, a watermelon in a rind!

Watermelon Maraca (2)

We added black dots with a permanent marker for seeds.

Watermelon Maraca (10)

Now shake-shake-shake!

Watermelon Maraca (6)

Surprisingly, the maraca held Travis’s attention for only a short while.

But he did soon want to make his own tape and cup creations. He told me this was a cow and a pig:

Watermelon Maraca (8)

And that this was a lantern!

Watermelon Maraca (9)

Just goes to show you never know what creativity one craft will spark in your child.

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