Color Mixing

Color Mixing (5)

I’ve recently discovered the all-natural, all vegetable-based food coloring from Watkins, which I am loving for their consistency and ease of use (no mixing required, as is the case with many natural pigments).

To have fun with the colors, we pulled out this simple game – it’s also a great way to discuss primary (yellow, red, blue) versus secondary (green, purple, orange) colors.

First we mixed our colors in 4 clear cups, one each of red, yellow, green, and blue. Add a pipette or spoon to each. Either one is good fine-motor skills practice.

Color Mixing (1)

We used an upcycled egg carton for the color mixing, giving ample opportunity to make new colors in the multiple compartments of this one container. Place a little clear water in each compartment, then begin adding your colors and see what happens.

Color Mixing (2)

I thought Travis might consider the game a little old-hat (we did something similar back in the spring) but he was so into his creations.

Color Mixing (7)

Watching purple and orange form were big hits.

Color Mixing (6)

He also was very interested in how he could make brown (which he says is his favorite color!), and intrigued when I said he could create it just by mixing all the colors together.

Color Mixing (4)

An easy and fun diversion for a rainy afternoon.

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