Tissue Paper Eggs

Tissue Paper Eggs (7)

This morning Travis found his old baby toys in a bin, and dove into it with delight. It’s always a laugh to see the way that older kids go back and play with things they used as babies, inevitably in inventive and different ways. He was particularly enamored with an old bird shape-sorting toy, so we decided to make eggs for the birds!

The process was simple and fun – crumple sheets of tissue paper into little balls. Travis went to town with this, and I neatened them up a bit into ovals as he finished each one.

Tissue Paper Eggs (2)

To finish your eggs, wrap with colored tape. Masking tape would work well, but we had decorative washi tape that seemed even better, since it reminded me of the decorative blown eggs I learned to make in elementary school (in pre-vegan days!)

Tissue Paper Eggs (4)

Travis was very deliberate in deciding which tape pattern should wind around which egg, until we had a beautiful assortment.

Tissue Paper Eggs (6)

And then the birdies got to sit in their new nest!

Tissue Paper Eggs (5)


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