Match ‘Em Tweezer Sort

Tweezer Sort (3)

Here’s a way to trick your kids into practicing their fine motor skills while having fun (and matching up colors, too!). Because the game involves sharp, adult tweezers, I don’t recommend this game for kids younger than 3.

To set up, cut circles from construction paper, and place in the bottom of a muffin tin.

Tweezer Sort (1)

Now gather pom poms in a variety of colors. We had both regular and sparkly pom poms, which added nice variety.

Tweezer Sort (2)

Give your child the tweezers; Travis was instantly thrilled, since normally mommy’s tweezers are off limits! I encouraged him to move the pom poms to the correct colored muffin tin.

Tweezer Sort (4)

Travis thought it was fascinating that the soft regular pom poms were easier to pick up than the sparkly ones. He was so proud when he was able to do the latter.

Tweezer Sort (5)

For a real challenge, I added in colored buttons as well. I briefly worried these might frustrate Travis, but it turns out they were his favorite item to move back and forth.

Tweezer Sort (7)

In all honesty, it wasn’t long before he grew bored and decided the pom poms made great monster eyes.

Tweezer Sort (6)

Then he was on to “baking” pom pom cookies in a muffin tin oven instead – nothing wrong with a little imagination though!

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