Hopping Grasshopper

Hopping Grasshopper (5)

After fun bug crafts in our latest Koala Crate, we were ready to take our bug-making up to the next level – with a grasshopper who really hops! I should note that Travis’s patience was very thin when we made this project. We had to wait several times – for paint to dry and then for glue to dry. Make sure to set your child’s expectations that the grasshopper won’t be able to hop right away, and you’ll avoid any disappointment.

To start, cut a recycled egg carton into a piece that is three egg sections long.

Hopping Grasshopper (1)

Paint the carton green and let dry.

Hopping Grasshopper (2)

While the paint dried, I cut wings, antennae, and two legs from green construction paper – older kids might enjoy doing this step themselves! You can of course give the grasshopper a more proper 6 legs, but because of the aforementioned trouble with waiting, Travis only glued on one set of legs.

Hopping Grasshopper (3)

Travis helped decide where each piece should go on the grasshopper, correctly identifying legs on the bottom etc. Then it was more waiting!

Hopping Grasshopper (4)

Finally, attach a small bouncy ball to the middle segment of your grasshopper.

Hopping Grasshopper (7)

The original idea was to attach the ball with two pins, but lacking pins, I used hot glue instead. Unfortunately our grasshopper only lasted through a few hops before the ball came loose, so pins seems like the better way to go.

Hopping Grasshopper (6)

But at last, he’s off!

Hopping Grasshopper (8)

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