Mud Pie Kitchen

Mud Kitchen (2)

In an ideal world, we would have done this activity outdoors in beautiful summer weather; it’s the kind of activity that can keep your kids happily occupied while you garden or do other outdoor chores. But if a kid needs dirt in the winter, then you bring the dirt inside!

To set up our “kitchen”, I spread an old shower curtain liner on the floor to contain any mess. I then set up a variety of kitchen items. We used disposable foil pans, but you can also use items from a flea market or thrift store. Add in spatulas, spoons, ladles, or other kitchen utensils.

Mud Kitchen (1)

If it’s summer, simply scoop up dirt from your yard and get to work! Here in the winter, we used a leftover bag of potting soil. Travis loved adding water, until we had a nice muddy consistency.

Mud Kitchen (6)

Then it was time to make mud loaf cakes!

Mud Kitchen (5)

Cupcake liners were a whimsical touch, so we baked a batch of mud muffins.

Mud Kitchen (8)

Travis kept up an imaginative narrative as he played; here is a cake inside of an “oven.”

Mud Kitchen (9)

When he was done, I simply folded the old shower curtain over the muddy pots and pans and put everything into a trash bag – easy as mud pie!

Mud Kitchen (7)

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