How to Make Pennies Turn Green

Pennies Green (7)

We’re on winter break and the science fun continues! With this easy experiment, you’ll create a simple chemical reaction – and help explain to your kids why the once copper-colored Statue of Liberty is now green!

The project was fun from start to finish because first we had to break into Travis’s piggy bank. This meant using a screwdriver (under careful adult supervision of course). We separated out the pennies from the rest of the coins, making it a quick lesson in currency denominations too.

Pennies Green (1)

Place your pennies in a bowl covered with a paper towel.

Pennies Green (2)

Pour white vinegar into the bowl, making sure the paper towel is completely saturated.

Pennies Green (4)

Now observe! We were surprised when the first penny had green spots after only a few hours.

Pennies Green (6)

The next morning, several of them were quite green!

Pennies Green (8)

I honestly have no idea why some of the pennies turned green and others did not, but here’s what’s happening: The metal copper and the acid in the vinegar react with oxygen, and form a new blue material, called malachite.

Make sure to observe under a magnifying glass, too!

Pennies Green (9).JPG


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