Bird Cafe


Bird Cafe (7)

Our latest project (from High Five magazine) wasn’t as big a hit as past crafts, perhaps because Travis and I have made bird feeders before and it felt a bit ho-hum to him. But there’s never anything wrong with learning a new way to feed our feathered friends, and this one is easy to put together!

Save any clear plastic food container; shallow is better, like the kind used for nuts or dried fruit. Rinse and dry.

Cut a rectangle from the center of an 8×5-inch piece of craft foam. This step was a bit tricky for Travis, but he loved cutting separate pieces of craft foam into free-form shapes while I worked.

Bird Cafe (1)

Tape the foam around your container, then wrap the top of the craft foam around the lid and tape in place. The craft foam now acts as the “wall” connecting the bottom and the lid roof.

BIrd Cafe (4)

Hole punch the foam near the lid on each side, and thread through yarn or string to hang your feeder.

BIrd Cafe (5)

As the final touch, tape on a second sheet of craft foam bent into a “roof”.

Bird Cafe (6)

We’re hoping to get many a summer visitor!


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