DIY Sundial – Two Ways!

Sundial (4)

Summer is the perfect time to give kids a visual of how the sun moves across the sky during the day. Here are two ways to mark off the hours and watch the shadows move!

For our first sundial, we poked a straw through a paper plate, and set it securely between two planks of a back deck (alternatively, place in the yard with enough dirt around the straw to hold it firmly in place).

Sundial (1)

It was early when we started, a long 9 a.m. shadow, which Travis helped mark off.

Sundial (3)

We had to work around the sun a little bit (which disappeared behind the clouds a few times), but as we added hours, Travis could see how the shadow not only was shortest at mid-day, but also moved around the plate in a circle.

Sundial (5)

For a full-body experience, turn your child into the sundial! Sketch their outline with chalk at various points of the day, noting both location and length.

Sundial alt

After a full day’s cycle, they’ll be able to see how shadows move.

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