Apple Prints

Apple Prints (1)

It’s officially fall, and that means it’s time for apple picking! Apple prints are an activity that never grows old, whether you’ve plucked your apples fresh from the tree or pick them up at the farmers’ market on a crisp autumn morning.

That’s exactly where Travis and I headed today. We set aside most of our bounty to eat, but saved an apple or two for artwork, thanks to the prompt in our latest Ranger Rick Jr.

Cut one apple in half, to make large prints. Cut a second apple into wedges. Dab the cut sides of the apples dry with a paper towel.

Apple Prints (2)

Squirt paints onto a paper plate (or a piece of foil works, in a pinch). Dip the apples in paint, and press down on construction paper or watercolor paper.

Apple Prints (4)

We didn’t make a flower like the magazine suggested, but it was fun to have two different shapes to work with. Travis said his picture was footprints – perhaps a dinosaur?

Apple Prints (5)

We decided mommy’s print looked like some sort of buzzing insect.

Apple Prints (6)

What will you make with your apple art? Happy fall!

Custom Kicks

Custom Kicks (6)

Kids take great pride in things they’ve made, and that goes for clothing as well as crafts. Give them a little extra kick in their step by customizing sneakers for school this fall!

You’ll need to start with blank canvas sneakers; the ones from Kikiz Kids are made of non-animal materials, and inexpensive enough that you won’t mind unleashing your mini Picasso on them.

Custom Kicks (1)

If you want to make the project into a bit of a lesson, try stenciling in lines with a pencil first, and encouraging your child to trace along the lines. We used glitter pens, but you can also use paint pens for the project.

Custom Kicks (2)

Travis had his own plans, and soon his shoes were a riot of colors.

Custom Kicks (4)

We also liked practicing our tracing around the eyelet holes!

Custom Kicks (3)

Now those are some kool kicks:

CUstom Kicks (5)