Autumn Leaf Jewelry

Autumn Necklace (4)

We love bringing home items from nature to make into all kinds of crafts, but the problem is that many of these are fleeting in nature (leaves that dry out, flowers that wilt). This activity captures the beauty of autumn, but it won’t fade, thanks to the use of fake leaves. You’ll find these readily at craft stores this time of year.

Originally we planned to make leaf necklaces as a gift for grandma, but I didn’t have a lacing string that was long enough. It was simpler to turn thread onto pipe cleaners instead, resulting in pretty autumn bracelets.

Travis alternated stringing on pony beads and a few of the leaves for an autumnal touch

Autumn Necklace (1)

(Note: Grown-ups can make holes in the leaves either with a hole punch if they are thin or – on our case – with an Xacto knife to cut a slit if they are thick).

Autumn Necklace (2)

Once each pipe cleaner was filled, I looped the ends together. A great gift for anyone with a fall birthday!

Autumn Necklace (3)

Acorn Owls

Acorn Owls (3)

It’s autumn, and for us that means the best time of year for nature walks. Some of the supplies we bring home are perfect to play with together, crafting into games or animals. But this one was more of a grown-up project that I put together for Travis, involving very fine fingerwork. He loved playing with the resulting toy! Bigger kids can, of course, help make the “owls” as well.

The longer and taller an acorn you can find for this project the better, and you’ll also want acorns without the caps. My acorns actually weren’t ideal, but I worked with what I had after a pretty stroll.

Acorn Owls (1)

Cut out tiny owl features from various colors of felt. We had pink wings and yellow beaks. If I had been patient enough, I would have cut small felt eyes, but instead used a sharpie for this final step.

Acorn Owls (2)

Glue on the details, and let dry completely. You can also cut out a felt tree or branch for the owls to hang out on. Travis delighted in these little creatures.

Acorn Owls (4)

Perhaps next time we’ll turn our acorns into different animals – what would you suggest? Please share in the comments!

Acorn Owls (5)