Nature Hunt Treasure Stick

Nature Hunt Stick (6)

This neat idea from KiwiCo’s website is a great way to bring home treasures from the outside world. Bonus points if you craft it while you’re still out in the woods!

We went for a short walk after a morning of classes, bringing along two Y-shaped sticks that I’ve hoarded just for this purpose.

Nature Hunt Stick (1)

As we walked, we gathered anything we deemed a “treasure” – leaves we liked, little flowers, berries, and more.

Nature Hunt Stick (4)

Back at the park entrance, we seated ourselves at a picnic table and I showed Travis how to wind yarn (which I’d brought along) around the Y of his stick. Keep wrapping all the way up the Y, then tie the yarn off.

Nature Hunt Stick (3)

Now tuck in your treasures!

Nature Hunt Stick (5)

Travis and I each made one, reflecting the various things we’d found beautiful along the way.

Nature Hunt Stick (8)

A great way to get outside with your little one in these wonderful autumn days.

Nature Hunt Stick (7)