Snack Cup Jellyfish

Snack Jellyfish (6).JPG

Travis currently adores any animal with lots of long legs, be it the eight-legged octopus or the many tentacles of the jellyfish, so I knew he’d love this simple. fun craft. It’s the perfect way to make use of canned fruit or applesauce cups once your snack cup is empty!

Snack Jellyfish (1)

We rinsed the snack cups, and then covered with a layer of glue.

Snack Jellyfish (2)

I gave him squares of red and orange crepe paper (tissue paper would work, too), and we layered them until our jellyfish bodies were covered. Let dry.

Snack Jellyfish (3)

His favorite part was adding the tentacles, carefully applying a dot of glue on the inside of the cup where each should go, and attaching a long ribbon of crepe paper.

Snack Jellyfish (4)

Add two eyes to the body of the jellyfish, and let dry again.

Snack Jellyfish (5)

Finally – time to play with Mr. Jellyfish! These are wiggly and wonderful to “swim” around your home.

Snack Jellyfish (7)

If you prefer to use them more as decoration, poke a small hole in the top of the snack cup and thread through a string. Hang near an open window or air vent where you can watch them sway.

Building Sticks

Building Sticks (3)

This project is so simple and yet so great for engaging minds and hands. If you like, you could even throw together a travel set to take these on long car rides!

All you need are Velcro dots and craft sticks – plain wood will do, but for added fun, I like the pre-colored craft sticks for this purpose.

When we first set up the game, I only had enough Velcro for one side of each stick. I intended to buy more Velcro in the morning, but this didn’t stop Travis from wanting to build right away.

Building Sticks (2)

Soon he was making “wands” and “books.” He came up with the idea of using tape himself, to put together some more complicated structures (a teepee!)

Building Sticks (5)

Once we actually had enough Velcro the next day, we made sure each stick had a dot on each end. This enabled much more complicated structures.

Building Sticks (7)

It was still hard to build up (for that you’d need Velcro on both back and front of each stick), but we soon had long complicated structures moving across the carpet.

BUilding Sticks (8)

Travis declared these were machines, and enjoyed the challenge of making sure he was attaching the “fluffy” side of the Velcro to the “scratchy” side.

Building Sticks (9)

A simple activity to keep hands busy!