Nature’s Alphabet

Nature alph v

How do you keep the alphabet fresh and fun for a preschooler who knows all his or her letters? Search for the letters outside, of course! This nature activity will challenge your child’s brain to see letters in whole new ways, all while getting some fresh air.

Take about a crisp fall day – we needed to pull out our winter coats, but the sunshine was gorgeous.

Nature alph (3)

First we made a list of the alphabet so we could keep track as we hunted. This is a good chance to review all the letters, or sing the ABC song if your child is learning alphabetical order.

Nature alph (1)

If your child has a camera or nature notebook, this hunt is also a great opportunity to use both! Travis is so proud whenever he takes pictures, although I had my camera, too, to catch closeups of the letters we spotted.

Nature alph (2)

Don’t try and find the letters in order – you’ll drive yourselves crazy. Instead, we stretched our eyes and imaginations, and saw what came to us.

Nature alph x

A few are easy, like x’s and A’s.

Nature alph a

Don’t forget to look up! There was a D in the curve of the branches when we looked up at this tree.

Nature alph d

Travis thought the three holes in this leaf looked like an M


Nature alph m

If we squinted, this funny shape in a tree’s trunk became a Q.

Nature alph q

Y’s are relatively easy to spot (think of Y-shaped sticks), but we liked finding them in shadows, too.

Nature alph y

We loved this spiderweb sparkling in the sunshine. No letter was immediately evident, but perhaps you can make out E’s or F’s marching along the side.

Nature alph f

In sum, this hunt was a great way to spend the afternoon outside together, and sneak in some learning! We didn’t find every letter, but we had fun trying.

Nature alph o