Easy Pinecone Wreath

Pinecone Wreath (5)

We’ve had a kindness wreath up on our door for over a year now – a project that we loved, but the time now feels right for a change. We used fall nature finds to craft this easy wreath on a store-bought twig frame.

As the title of this post suggests, you’ll need pinecones of course, but feel free to add other treasures that your children bring in from nature. We added some beautiful fall foliage!

Pinecone Wreath (1)

You can use ribbons to attach the pinecones, but I worried this wouldn’t be strong enough. Instead, we wrapped floral wire around each pinecone – Travis loved this new material (under adult supervision, of course).

Pinecone Wreath (2)

I did the wire wrapping, but he selected the perfect spot on the wreath for each pinecone.

Pinecone Wreath (3)

To attach the leaves, we simply tucked in their stems.

Pinecone Wreath (4)

Is there a homemade wreath hanging on your door for this autumn? Please share in the comments!

Pinecone Wreath (6)