Kindness Wreath

Kindness Wreath (8).JPG

It’s a new season, and we needed a wreath to adorn our door in autumnal hues. Rather than by one that was ready to go, we put a little family TLC into the piece that’s going to welcome people into our home. If you don’t want to do this project in the fall, it would make a beautiful project around Thanksgiving or Christmas! Just change the ribbon colors accordingly.

First we gathered our materials – a bare branch wreath, and colored ribbon – I chose red, orange, and yellow for the season.

Kindness Wreath (2)

As I cut the ribbon into lengths for the wreath, Travis and I talked about what kindness meant, and how to pay attention to acts of kindness around us. (Starting with his dad bringing me my camera so I didn’t miss capturing the moment!). Travis loved helping with the ribbon of course.

Kindness Wreath (1)

We placed our ribbons in a jar, and now our wreath was a work in progress, part decoration part performance art!

Kindness Wreath (5)

Travis was even more into the idea than I thought he would be. Over the next couple of days, he kept asking if we could think of more examples, and was so proud each time we got to add a ribbon.

Kindness Wreath (6)

We discovered that kindnesses can be both big and small. Travis came up with moments including: petting the cat, a friend who shared snack with him, making tea for daddy, a mommy we saw help her son with a lollipop, getting a hug after an owie, and more.

When our wreath was full of ribbons, we decided it was time to hang it up on our door.

Kindness Wreath (9)

A proud moment, and a beautiful reminder of kindness every time we cross the threshold now.

Kindness Wreath (7)

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