Watercolor Resist Painting

Watercolor Resist (8).JPG

Our recent Cityscape crate from Koala Crate reminded me of the beauty of resist painting, which we haven’t done in quite some time. That was the inspiration for this beautiful ocean-themed project!

No need to have strong artistic skills; I printed a template for our sea creatures and traced each one onto contact paper.

Watercolor Resist (1)

Cut out and attach each animal to a piece of watercolor paper.

Watercolor Resist (2)

We talked about ocean colors as we added watercolors, which had Travis proudly concentrating on blues, purples, and greens.

Watercolor Resist (4)

It was an interesting lesson that the watercolor wouldn’t spread across the plastic surface of the contact paper!

Watercolor Resist (3)

If your child tires of painting before the entire paper is covered, that’s fine; just be sure the watercolors reach all the edges of the animal shape.

Watercolor Resist (6)

Let dry, then peel off for the big reveal. Wow!

Watercolor Resist (7)