Baby Sensory Sound Activity

Baby Sound Game (3).JPG

This easy little activity is great for sensory play – auditory sensory play that is! You can either play during baby’s tummy time or just when he or she is lying down comfortably on a soft blanket.

Big brother Travis helped me set up the game. We needed two tupperware containers, dried rice, dried beans, a wooden block, and a spoon.

Baby Sound Game (6).JPG

We filled one tupperware with rice, and the other with beans. It was fun to shake them and see the different sounds they made. Her eyes lit up at the rice, a fast, curious favorite. Beans were louder, and didn’t interest her as much.

Baby Sound Game (2)

For a different tone completely, Travis and I took turns tapping on the block with a metal spoon. This makes a nice drumming sound that isn’t too loud for a newborn’s hearing.

Baby Sound Game (4)

I also encouraged her to wrap her fingers around the spoon and helped her tap the block, which involved her in the process of making noise.

Baby Sound Game (5)

We’ll definitely return to this game; as she gets older, Veronika can shake the containers all by herself!


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