Bond More Deeply

Bond Deeper (3)

Today, it was time for a trip down memory lane – all the way back to one month ago!

Okay, one month wasn’t so long ago, but they don’t call this infant period the “longest shortest time” for nothing. So much happens so quickly for newborns, changing almost daily. And yet the long hours, middle of the night feedings, and sleepless nights can feel endless.

So today, we took a pause to look back on photos. First, I took in Veronika’s old ultrasounds. Hard to imagine that only 10 months ago, she was the size of an apple seed!

Bond Deeper (1)

Then we took in more recent ultrasounds, when she more closely resembled a human than a part of a fruit. You can also go back and look at photos from soon after birth, remembering that beautiful moment. She’s so new she’s still covered in vernix here!

Bond Deeper (4)

Travis loved seeing these pictures, and we took time to show them to Veronika too

Bond Deeper (5)

In addition to reminding us how far we’ve come as a family already, looking at pictures this way will release the feel-good hormone oxytocin – as if you need another excuse to gaze at cute baby pics!.

So take a moment today as a family to look back, and enjoy, and feel your bond deepen.



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