Join Your Local Library

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When Travis was a baby, my in-laws kept pointing me in the direction of the library, a suggestion I originally ignored. Having grown up in a town where the library was an underutilized resource, I couldn’t quite understand the fuss. As soon as I stepped in, boy did I get it!

Not only do children’s sections often feature a wide selection of educational toys – a free playspace! – but they also offer rotating free programs, entertainment, mommy & me groups, yoga, and more.

If you’re not already a member of your local library, today’s the day to head over and check out the offerings. Veronika and I grabbed a flyer for the upcoming months, and already have our sights set on a playgroup for the youngest babies.

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In addition, your little one will benefit simply by sitting in on crafts or storytimes that big siblings attend, or hanging out in the stroller while they play.

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And then of course there’s the obvious draw at a library – books! It’s never too early to read to your infant, even before they understand the words.

Veronika and I nabbed a pamphlet with recommended reading for even the litt/est babies, featuring black & white books, or ones with vivid illustrations and simple text.

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Wake up Veronika, your brother used to love this one!

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Oh good, she opened her eyes for a cute story about a snowball. I loved taking a quiet reading moment with her while Travis was in school.

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What programs have you discovered at your library? Please share in the comments!


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