Movie Pillow Fort

Movie Fort (4)

You’ll score points as the coolest parent on the block if you trot out this idea on a cold winter afternoon. Arm yourself with this idea for the winter school break ahead, and you won’t get cabin fever!

I told Travis that we were going to make a fort – not necessarily an unusual occurrence – but this time for a special purpose. He was so intrigued, and trotted about gathering pillows, blankets, and stools for his special fort.

Movie Fort (1)

We made it bigger than we ever had before, with an entire bed sheet for the ceiling. Soft pillows made the perfect floor.

Movie Fort (2)

He loved testing a flashlight inside. Neat shadows!

Now for the big reveal – I brought in a computer so we could watch a holiday movie right inside the fort.

Movie Fort (7)

Of course you could do this with a regular movie any time of year, but something about it felt so cozy and right for the holiday season. Don’t forget to arm yourself with yummy snacks!

Movie Fort (3)

The fort was just the right size for a boy and his movie – peek-a-boo!

Movie Fort (6)

Even better, make it big enough for the whole family, and you can all snuggle in there together, matching holiday pajamas optional of course.

Movie Fort (8)

Was this the coziest winter afternoon ever, or what? A big hit!

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