First Smiles

First Smiles (3).JPG

The time has come, parents! Veronika is nearing two months old, and I can finally be certain that those beautiful smiles are not just gas (although those smiles are cute, too!), but actual social smiles. If your child is between 1 and 2 months of age, then you should start to see the same thing.

Note: It was very hard to get pictures for this post, since the light on the camera makes Veronika squint her eyes, eliminating the full impact of her smile. But you get the idea!

Today, I made smiles the focus of my interactions with Veronika, taking the time to give her a big grin at various points throughout the day. Sure enough, if I smiled at her, I was rewarded by a big gummy grin back. If the smile reaches the eyes, then you can tell it’s a social smile, and not just a reflex. Baby smiles are cute in the bassinet…

First Smiles (1)

…or in your lap…

First Smiles (4)

…or at the diaper table.

First Smiles (5)

Invite big siblings to try this game, too. Travis has been eager for Veronika to do “more,” and he felt so rewarded when she returned his big grin.

First Smiles (2)



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