Tracking Toys

Tracking Toys (1)

Veronika and I haven’t played an eye-strengthening activity lately, so today I took some special time with her just to work on her eyesight.

Use any baby toys – particularly ones that rattle or shake or squeak – and move them slowly across the field of vision. See if your baby can follow with their eyes from one side to the other.

Tracking Toys (9)

Veronika seemed to love the game, eagerly following all the items.

Tracking Toys (10)

Once she had that under her belt, I tested out how her other toy skills are these days. Grabbing?

Tracking Toys (7)

Yup! She got the bird! Kicking? I was interested to see if she would kick at bright soft yarn I produced for her to see, but she didn’t do so.

Tracking Toys (8)

We also took advantage of holiday season and used decorations as props for the game. She loved dangling green ribbons. From here…

Tracking Toys (3)

…to there.

Tracking Toys (4)

And little present bows. From one side…

Tracking Toys (6)

…to the other.

Tracking Toys (5)

But no need for anything special. Any toy works, including classics like dangling baby “key rings”, rattles, and so much more. Happy tracking!

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