Black & White Dot Pictures

Dot Pictures (6)

Travis and I cleaned out our craft bin this morning, and happened upon an old sheet of black dot stickers. I instantly knew what to do with the leftovers!

Dot Pictures (5)

We’re always mixing up visuals for Veronika’s tummy time, or time spent in her bassinet, and these black dot stickers were perfect against sturdy watercolor paper.

Instead of random patterns, I made one page with letters; a V for Veornika and T for Travis felt appropriate.

Dot Pictures (1)

On the reverse, I made shapes and lines.

Dot Pictures (2)

Obviously it’s much too early for your infant to absorb the lesson here, but it’s never too soon to introduce concepts of letters and shapes!

Dot Pictures (4)

All she knew right now was that she loved them. The pictures were a big hit both at the diaper table and during tummy time.

Dot Pictures (7)


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