Instant Entertainment

Instant Entertain (6)

Veronika’s reached an age (just shy of 2 months!) where she might actually need a little entertainment on trips away from home, rather than remaining content simply staring (or sleeping). Enter in this perfect solution:

Keep a zip-top plastic bag in your purse or diaper bag, filled with two to three small toys.

Instant Entertain (1)

You can rotate these options frequently, to keep things interesting, but it means you’ll always have something on hand to dazzle the eyes and ears if the need arises.

Suggestions include rattles, toys that crinkle, or ones that squeak.

Instant Entertain (3)

We love this new light-up teether!

Instant Entertain (4)

You could also add a small, lightweight book to your pouch, if it fits.

Instant Entertain alt

Veronika loved her little kit!

Instant Entertain var.jpg

Whatever you pick, keep the baggie in your purse and you’ll never be caught empty-handed.

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